Certificate of Authenticity

Whether you have decided to purchase Our Art, create your own art or a Make your Mark edition, you will receive a certificate of authenticity in your box.  This is to prove that your art is a limited edition piece or a one of a kind that stamps authority on your creative genius.  This certificate is coupled with a lifetime guarantee to ensure that your piece endures all of life’s hardships. It is important to be protected in these caves.



Our Frames

We have a wide range of framing options from contemporary skinny black or white to the detailed antique profile in a range of luxurious colours.  We are constantly adding to our range and use a variety of materials from fully recycled polystyrene to sustainably sourced wood.  All of our framing materials are sourced locally and are hand constructed by our experienced in-house framing department.

The Box

Ahhhh the box. This is no ordinary box, it has been custom designed and made from recycled cardboard to minimise damage in transit and protect your art. We also shrink wrap every piece that leaves our studio to ensure the elements cannot undo all this magnificent work. Viva la box.




Our backboard are 100% recycled and lightweight to create the perfect balance between supporting your art and protection. We have reduced our carbon footprint by ensuring that our backboards are sourced locally and will remain environmentally friendly.


On the back of your fantastic piece of art you will find a metal hanger, ready to hang – no extra effort required.   The difficult part?  Finding the perfect place to display your great choice.  (although it is sometimes tricky to get your fingernail under the hanger, we find a butter knife works well too!)