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An insight into the world of Droids…

It was a glorious and sunny day that we stumbled across some interesting and exciting new creations on our Head of Design’s iPad whilst in the Studio. We immediately had the urge to share these with the world… and you’ll … Continue reading

#119_Spirit Animals – the brand new range of fascinating designs.

Now available – #119_Spirit Animals Well, here we are again…introducing a brand new range which we are fascinated with: Spirit Animals contains a series of animals created solely by polygons, producing a completely unique look. So, after browsing the teasers, … Continue reading

‘Kitsch’ and the work from artist Richard J. Oliver

In the late 19th century, Southern California attracted misfits and idealists. Here Welsh artist Richard J. Oliver explains why a little kitsch can’t hurt you! So, what is kitsch? “Kitsch” is a derogatory term describing objects that are overly sentimental … Continue reading

Plywood Skyscrapers illustrated by Vasco Mourao

Plywood Skyscrapers: Artist Vasco Mourao, has begun to illustrate skyscrapers on circular pieces of plywood. The Barcelona based artist Vasco Mourao, otherwise known as Mister Mourao, has created a new series, named Ouroborus. About the artist Mourao, originally from Portugal … Continue reading

How Will You Frame?

How Will You Frame Your Prints? Following on from the ‘Edit this Edition’ feature that we released last week, we thought that it couldn’t get any better… and then we updated the site to offer additional colours of frame to suit … Continue reading