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Arlin Graff and his nature inspired murals

Arlin Graff is a lover of abstraction. The Brazilian artist who is based in São Paulo produces work that mimics digital art. His artistic inspiration is drawn from his childhood memories. One of his oldest recollections is spending time in … Continue reading

Cabrera and hand-drawn headdresses

Ivette Cabrera is a Nicaraguan-born artist who currently works in Miami. Her pieces of work represent women of various cultures who’s headdresses are a symbol of power and importance. About her work The paradoxical ideas of womanhood compelled Cabrera to … Continue reading

Our art recommendations and opinions – by Naima.

It is often difficult to decide which pieces of art are our preferences, especially when the ranges continue to blossom. So, today we decided to ask Naima, one of our colleagues, for her opinion. You may have come across Naima … Continue reading

Best-Seller for the year so far – revealed! Which one was it?


The figures are out for our best-seller! We have recently discovered what has been our best-selling piece of art for the year so far. So, which one was it? We think it is important to find out which creations are popular … Continue reading

Stephanie Wunderlich and the Busy People collection

Stephanie Wunderlich is a German illustrator. She studied Communication Design at both FH Augsburg and ISIA Urbino and later graduated gaining her degree. After two years in advertising she became a freelance illustrator in Hamburg. About her work Jaunty figures … Continue reading

Artist profile: Take a look at the work of Erik Parker

Here at Graff.io, we are avid art fans! We spend a lot of time reading about what is going on in the huge expansion of the art industry and admiring the artists that we come across! Erik Parker is an … Continue reading

The amazing #113_Metroplex range created by Jeff Ware

A Forthcoming teaser of our new Metroplex range to Graff.io… The Metroplex Range : Jeff Ware creation brings the most iconic buildings and global cities right to our own homes. Presented with a contemporary spin on classic CMYK colours, Ware … Continue reading

Artist: Albert Irvin – about his life and artwork

Albert Irvin was a prolific British artist best known for his lively paintings. His work with watercolours, screen prints and gouaches gave him a valuable reputation. Born in London, he continued to live and work in the capital city. He … Continue reading

Take a look into the life of artist Kun Mao…

Graff.io profiled artist – Kun Mao Who is he? Born in Fukuoka and then raised in Shenzhen, Kun Mao moved to Amsterdam when he was 18 years of age. Inspired by the art and culture that surrounded him in Holland,he … Continue reading

Matthieu Venot – A French Artist and Photographer

Matthieu Venot, a French artist and photographer, lives and works in Brest, Brittany. His started his career in photography with an aim to re-discover his town. Pastel Perspectives is a series in which the artist succeeds in creating abstract, geometric … Continue reading

Hints and tips to finding perfect Mother’s Day gift…

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s probably time to find something special for the woman in your life who gave your life – the perfect Mother’s day gift! We know it can be a daunting task when trying … Continue reading

Design Studios: The Space, Culture and Work

Part one: The Invisible Creature in Design. by Guy Boyle, Head of Design.   So, I’d like to put up a post like this every week or so to highlight different design studios to see the environment they are working in … Continue reading