DISCOVER: Ron Timehin Collaboration

Our collaboration with superstar photographer Ron Timehin. Arts released Edition #157 The Foggy Series on the 18.06.18.

Ron visited us in May 2018 at HQ. We interviewed him, he shot some video and we talked about the collaboration. Ron’s talent was immediately evident. His camera was out, he was getting amazing footage and at the same time, chatting freely and openly about his life and career.

Ron specialises in Street, Landscape, Cityscape and Portrait photography. He’s building a very serious client list that consists of commissioned work for brands including Adidas, Nike, Mercedes Benz, Google, Absolut Vodka,  Fred Perry, Lacoste, Three, Red Bull and The 02 Arena. 
Ron’s work has been included in several publications including HYPEBEAST, Disorder Magazine and Resource Photography Magazine. Utilising the advantages of social media, Ron has accumulated a reach of over 50,000 followers and has also successfully engaged in several brand media campaigns.
Edition #157 The Foggy Series is a stunning selection of prints of Ron’s shots of London in heavy fog. We’ll be showing more previews of the edition soon as well as Ron’s exclusive interview. In the meantime, there are links below if you’d like to see more of Ron’s photgraphic work.
UPDATE: The Foggy Series is now available.  Click below to buy.
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Ron on Instagram

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