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We kick off 2018 with a wave of new ranges, some of which will make their debut at the Spring Fair.

‘A whirlwind of florals and bright colours’

The first set of editions features a whirlwind of florals, bright colours and patterns, carefully curated to compliment this seasons colours, including Ultra-Violet – Pantone’s colour of the year. We are certain that this year will not disappoint! So, why not take a look at what’s coming up?

1. Aztec Blooms

Watercolour meets digital collage meets Aztec patterns in a floral range to compliment this seasons colours. Beautiful, distorted, decorative and designed to compliment this seasons colour palette.

Artist: Irieman

Get the look with these artworks coming soon!

2. Tropical Glitch

Tropical is a huge trend for 2018. Fun and fresh, this trend is the new floral – brimming with palm trees, clashing colours and psychedelic patterns. A moody, edgy take on the current psycho-tropical trend. Mixing vibes of Miami Vice and Vaporwave. Neon colours vibrate and distorting bands intersect to create a range that is part 80, part 90s and very now.

Artist: Hendrik

Fill your home with a psychedelic pattern this Spring.

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3. Pixel Pollen

Traditional but with a digital twist? Pixel Pollen is the one for you.

This range tackles traditionally decorative floral motifs with contemporary digital collage techniques. Hand drawn flowers are remixed into distorted, pixelated compositions mimicking floral wallpaper.

Artist: Hamano Masato

So, if you like what you see in the teasers – Keep an eye on our pages for the release of the full collections!

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