Exclusive to Graff.io: a curated range from Monokrome, featuring some of the world’s finest Graffiti writers.  Tight editions of 10-30 signed prints, these are already collectors items.  Available framed or unframed – get involved now before they’re all gone.


MONOKROME is the logical conclusion of bringing great graffiti work and bleeding edge design together.

MONOKROME is about taking a whole bunch of graffiti writers from around the world and giving them a platform to air their considerable skills. Because we also interview all our artists, you’ll learn more about them and their process too. This makes MONOKROME a great book for the aficionado, the budding enthusiast or the absolute beginner.

We wanted to bring together writers from all four corners of the globe with different styles, different views and different periods of time spent in graffiti. Some writers will be well known to you, some you won’t have heard of. All of them are out there, pushing the boundaries of what can be done and evolving their styles as they go.

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1/26 Signed Edition from Boogie


1/30 Signed Edition from Jeroo


1/25 Signed Edition from Joker


1/25 Signed Edition from Joker

The Artists


is From East Germany. Started writing graffiti in 1994. Studied Design Communication in Wiesbaden, Germany, lives in Switzerland. Has a distinctive straight letter, comic style. Specializes in graphic design, illustration and graffiti.


From Washington, D.C. Started writing graffiti in 1985. Studied design at the Institute of Pittsburgh 1988-1990. Member of the graffiti collectives ‘Transcend’ and ‘Agents of Change’. Prominent member of the Graffuturism movement. Specializes in abstract fine art and graffiti.


From Stuttgart, Germany. Started writing graffiti in 1993, studied at the University of Constance graduating in 2008. Specializes in fine art, graffiti and illustration. Author of the book ‘Graffiti School: A Student Guide’.


[above] Joker’s custom limited edition stamp





Monokrome Editions

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