GWW02: An Interview With's Andy Harper

GWW02: An Interview With’s Andy Harper

Gallery Without Walls Project Two launched at the LCB Depot in Leicester on 28th September 2017, bigger and better than before. On behalf of, we would like to say a huge thank you to Graffwerk for collaborating with us and to everybody who attended the event.

“Trains, Tags and Frames”

Project Two encompasses the theme of graffiti and transport. Andy Harper, one of the founders of GWW and creative director (Founder) of, shares his thoughts on the GWW concept. “We decided to pick up where Bring the Paint left off and focused on the transport heritage of graffiti…” Andy explains, “…fine art students have been intentionally trained and often from privileged backgrounds’, he adds, ‘…we wanted to flip it over and give self-taught artists from less privileged backgrounds a chance to take the stage for once.”

GWW02: An Interview With's Andy Harper
Tunnel Vision by DEYS – one of many artists to showcase graffiti art at GWW02

“The cultural quarter has been picking up momentum for quite a few years…”

‘When we were approached to do something and move down there in 2009. I remember feeling that there was potential, but it was early days. Now, some 8 years later, the Cultural Quarter feels like it’s reached that tipping point and there’s a huge number of creatives, loads of passionate people, facilitators and enablers, and things are really starting to happen. For us, it’s just playing on our part and doing our bit for the bigger picture.’

‘We wanted to follow the success of what had been done with the Bring The Paint Festival and give some of the local artists that put so much in a chance to be recognized and seen in a gallery environment. We also really wanted to find a way of giving something back to the artist’s, so we put our money where our mouth was and printed over 200 editions in-house (Thanks to Greg) and gave all the artist’s around half of the prints to keep – upfront. With our base for GWW being the LCB Depot, we found Paul and James to be yet again, very accommodating in enabling us to put on an event & helping with the logistics.’

Launch Night

On the opening night, we used the front facing gallery space in the LCB Depot and utilized the rest of the space to exhibit the art. The vibes were amazing – there was a great mix of local creative’s, delicious street food and Graff artists from around the UK who stayed in hotels (big thanks to you guys!).

The Venues

The artwork remains displayed across six venues in the cultural quarter of Leicester:

– The Exchange
– Manhattan 34
– LCB Depot
– Peter’s Pizzeria
– The Adult Education Centre
– GraffHQ


We asked Andy about his thoughts on the possible third project: ‘I can’t tell you too much about it, however, I can say GWW03 will launch early-mid 2018, and it will be very different from the previous. Digital, machine made & interactive are all clues, although I feel like I’ve said too much already!  Watch this space for the future of GWW events, where we hope to challenge the traditional preconceptions of art, work with upcoming artists and help them get exposure, provide interesting, innovative content to visitors from different backgrounds. Overall, to bring creative’s and professionals together, to have some food and a few beers, not take things too seriously and get involved in making the creative future of Leicester, a bit more innovative, brighter, all-inclusive and a touch less serious.’

Want to know more about GWW03? Watch this space and stay tuned for more news!

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