The most frequently asked questions can be found in the FAQ pages.

Errors at checkout

If you are having problems completing your order you can contact the #ArtSouls. Please include any error messages/screenshots so that they are able to assist you.

Error message “billing state is a required field”

If your error message is that “billing state is a required field”, it means that your PayPal account is overriding the system. The following instructions will assist in resolving this:

1. Go to your cart
2. Click “proceed to checkout” above the PayPal button.
3. Click “PayPal Pro Hosted” and pay with card.

I don’t have a PayPal account

If you don’t use PayPal, you are able to checkout by using your card instead. Please, be sure to click “PayPal Pro Hosted” to do so.

My code doesn’t work

If your code isn’t working, double check that:
– the expiry date is not in the past
– it is entered correctly
– you are buying the product that is specified in the voucher.

I can’t use more than one voucher on one order

Unfortunately, it is not possible to use multiple vouchers on one order. You will need to place your orders separately using one voucher per order.

If you still experience difficulties, contact the lovely #ArtSouls in our Customer Service team, by emailing

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