Droids: the latest arrivals from Alex Sturm

The release of Droids by Alexander Sturm

Three weeks into our Droids releases and three exciting sets of prints are fresh off the Graff.io HQ press. Droids, a tribute to the complete saga of Star Wars and the recent instalment of the movie franchise. Being created as we speak, we will release a fresh piece once a week – as soon as they are ready. Sign up to our mailing list to be the first to meet our newest Droid arrivals. (You can sign up right at the bottom!)

Droids Update


Alexander Sturm is the artist who has recreated your favourite droids like C3PO, from insanely awesome sketches to hugely brilliant hand-drawn illustrations using an iPad Pro, with the Procreate app. With depictions of loose wires, widgets and other components, all in the style of comic book homage. You may recognise the name from our Thrones range (if you missed it, check it out!)

Each art print is available in five themed colourways. The first design is inspired by C3PO and the next few weeks will be a huge surprise, as other iconic characters will be released individually every Monday – in five of our exclusively unique ‘Graff.tone’ colour palettes.

Week 1 introduced the C3PO into our lives. Week 2? Graff.io’s very own BB Astro Mech: The best BB-Series astromech droid in the galaxy. Presented in the same five themed colourways as C3PO and the future droids releases, the stakes are rising as each week gets bigger and better.

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Droids Update

We have thousands of probe droids searching the galaxy. I want proof, not leads! “

Admiral Kendal Ozzel.


Week 3 brings “Viper“, Five Imperial Viper probe droids have arrived from a galaxy far far away.

Other iconic characters will be released individually every Monday – in five of our exclusively unique ‘Graff.tone’ colour palettes.

Droids Update

Each of our art prints is presented as a high quality, hand-made, boxed canvas. We have only 500 limited edition prints being produced for each droid edition. Once they are gone they’re gone!

Is this warming your semi-conductors? Jump to our first selection of Droid prints now.

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