DISCOVER: Hendrik – Augmented Reality in art interview

We met Hendrik in October 2018 at his studio to discuss Augmented reality within art & his collaboration with Arts.


A conversation between Arts and Hendrik in his studio in October 2018.

Why use Augmented Reality (AR) with art?

One of the things I love about AR is that I get to show the viewer a lot more of the design process. When I create a piece, it’s digital & I may create 10-50 pieces that never get seen on that journey to create the final piece. I find it really liberating to revisit those pieces that “didn’t make it” and stitch them together to form a really cohesive story

Is AR is fundamentally about animation?

I guess bringing art to life is an interesting topic to explore. By animating it, you can do so much more – it can be a vehicle for discovery – for example, the viewer could find out more about a cause. it could be nothing more than an exploration of the art form itself.

More artists are actually using the physical piece as the starting point and the AR piece as the artwork itself….I love showing it to kids, as it seems to actively encourage the mystery of life, all those things that can get crushed out of you the longer you are part of this world.


For the viewer, AR incorporates another level of depth that transcends a flat piece of art.

Tech is now an integral part of our world, our phones travel everywhere & are an extension of who we are. We are completely adept to using our phones in everyday life & the youth expect in any experience now. So one things for sure, whether it’s using the blockchain to validate the authenticity of a piece, AR to bring to life or generative art to enhance & evolve, tech will be mos def be playing a role in the art world looking forward.



So what’s next for tech within the art space?

I think AR in art its present from is just the beginning. I can see it growing into a fully dynamic and personal experience – so the viewer will be served something different each & every time, depending on situational factors.

We’ve already had augmented billboards, supermarkets, books, TV adverts & comics and it has only been a matter of time before art goes this way as well. People are getting more familiar with AR apps & tech in general, and this tech opens up some new doors for both viewer and artist. The artist is able to explore different / radical concepts in more detail.


Henrik’s AR prints “Hunk of Junk” are available exclusively on Arts now!

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