CUTE is a UK based artist who had been creating graffiti since 1987.

From the age of 15, he would go out on the streets tagging and bombing on walls and trainyards. His time was spent drawing endless Blackbook sketches and writing to other writers from various countries, swapping photos.

‘Cartoon Doodles’

His work starts out from chaotic cartoon doodles, which evolves into spectacular graffiti masterpieces. It features the most unusual creatures and humans – each delivering a unique personality and emitting an endearing vibe.

He has been exposed to artists like The Artful Dodger, RemiRough, ALERT and PULSE and also happens to be the brains behind the creation of the ever successful Monokrome Blackbooks.

The Creation of MONOKROME Books

“I LOVE Blackbook drawings”

CUTE is the creator of MONOKROME, co-authoring with Aaron Munday “The idea came about because I LOVE Blackbook drawings. The tradition we have of doing sketches in each other’s books is one that dates back to the very beginnings of subway graffiti.”

He says “I decided to make my own, which is what the first MONOKROME book was all about- graffiti design on the page in simple black, white and grey. The quality of our books is premium. If I make something I want it to be of superb, high quality. Life has to be about creating excellence and helping others to do so, otherwise why bother?”

This led to Volume Two – The World’s Best Graffiti In Full Kolour – bursting with the world’s greatest graffiti art – the front cover image is by artist Jeroo.


The next book released by MONOKROME was BONZAI VS CUTE. The paperback book is filled with graffiti and character illustrations. Check it out!

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Each book consists of more than 350 pages featuring some of the most colourful iconic works by the artist himself, alongside artworks by many other graffiti writers. The latest book – GRAFFITI BLACKBOOK KONFIDENTIAL – published in 2016, featuring new blackbook designs from a variety of writers including BOOGIE and HOMBRE.


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CUTE has produced 8 amazing pieces of work for our collaboration with MONOKROME. Each is strictly limited to 25 signed copies. Get it now or miss out!

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