World-leading social media influencer and entrepreneur @MrLondon – aka Dave Burt – has gathered 3 of his favourite London-based photographers to create a new range of high quality prints and canvases.

The new high-quality Mr.London print range is lovingly hand-made in England, and is made up of Dave’s own photography and that of renowned instagrammers @RonTimehin@TMnikonian and @Pli.Panda making this a formidable line up if you’re followers of these much loved and highly revered creators.



Three stunning pieces from the Hong Kong born artist @Pli.Panda

Peter Li aka @Pli.Panda moved to London 17 years ago from Hong Kong. Peter’s father gave him a camera 5 years ago when his daughter was born so that precious family moments wouldn’t be missed. Peter, with a background in art from St. Martin’s, fell instantly in love with photography and moved quickly to become one of Instagram’s most respected London photographers. 




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The Foggy Series is a stunning selection of prints of @RonTimehin’s shots of London in heavy fog.

Ron specialises in Street, Landscape, Cityscape and Portrait photography. He’s building a very serious client list that consists of commissioned work for brands including Adidas, Nike, Mercedes Benz, Google, Absolut Vodka,  Fred Perry, Lacoste, Three, Red Bull and The 02 Arena.

Ron’s work has been included in several publications including HYPEBEAST, Disorder Magazine and Resource Photography Magazine. Utilising the advantages of social media, Ron has accumulated a reach of over 50,000 followers and has also successfully engaged in several brand media campaigns. 






@MrLondon AKA Dave Burt

Three pieces from @MrLondon’s own collection…

Dave Burt AKA @MrLondon photographer, creative, entrepreneur, editor and the business mind & soul behind @LONDON. Dave creates photos that millions of people admire on a weekly basis and helps brands create ground-breaking social media campaigns.




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Three perfect shots from @TMnikonian

@TMnikonian is a natural inspiration to others. He continues to push his own limits to push others to push theirs. He is as likely to be found online as he is driving around London from 10pm to 7am looking for the perfect shot. He shares location scouting with his friends as he relentlessly tries to improve on every photo he takes.




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