Sketches of Loughborough

We've lived in Loughborough for a while now - myself for a good chunk of my life so far & Estelle since she was born. The idea of the series was to create a tribute to our home town, which also fitted in with Bom Bom's aesthetic & colour palette. We both enjoy drawing although the reality & the only difference is: Estelle's actually a pretty good illustrator & I'm not!

So part of the Proj was cycling round our local area photographing local buildings. Enjoyable in itself as it behind the lens, you see things differently. We both visited Japan this year and in an ironic cultural role reversal, we both took too many photos ! It's been interesting since being back home -and we've enjoying going out on walks, taking photos if our local area & trying to see beyond what we think we know.

We also were genuinely taken aback at what our town holds: The library, the museum in Queen's park, the Great Central Railway, the LGS, many of the buildings in the centre of Loughborough are at just a few of many impressive pieces of architecture that can be found.

Our trip to Japan was an eye opener & we found modern Japanese culture to be somewhat of a paradox. It has its roots in minimalism. If you take classic Japanese architecture, the screened walls for example points to ancient spiritual practices like Zen Buddism & Taoism - where the space between the lines are just, if not more significant than the lines themselves.

Ancient Japanese culture also points to minimalism and simplicity, calmness & patience. Yet modern Japanese culture appears to be the opposite, it seems frantic & complex on the surface - and they are one of the busiest, densely populated places on earth. Strip the surface away & even the young are calm, patient & kind. There's zero crime here. If you ask for help, they will usually fall over themselves to help you.

The artwork up at Bom Bom is an attempt to convey what we experienced on our travels.   Clean crisp lines, contrasted against gritty texture.  Playful and naive.... The tech vs nature concept intriguing to me. Doing vs Being. City vs nature. Physical vs Spiritual. They are one of the most spiritual nation that I have ever met, it amazed me to hear that more than 95% go to any of the many Shrines in the towns and cities. Yet on the flip side, so many are possessed by modern things - namely technology! They have baths that talk to you, toilets that sing to you, it's all a bit overwhelming even to a Westerner. People of all ages are glued to phones - I mean completely addicted. Is this just a sign of modern civilisation? I don't know, maybe, but the Japanese seem to have taken it to a whole new level.


Bom Bom loughborough Coffee shop