Shoom: A Rare Interview with Danny Rampling

Circa 1987 a yellow smiley face got incorporated into an early Shoom flyer.  It ended up becoming adopted as THE icon for acid house and 30 years later, it is still just as big.  How did it all come about? Our interview with Danny Rampling reveals all.



A conversation between Arts Creative Director; Andy Harper and Danny Rampling, March 2019.


Is there any truth in the myth about someone running around Amnesia in '87 shouting "Shoooom Shoooom Shoooom"?

Indeed correct Trevor Fung and his Amesiac friend from Sheffield used the show term, and i thought to myself thats the name for the club night that i was about to create with the influences from the experience of Amnesia Ibiza 87.

What did it feel like to come fresh back from Ibiza to start something in London?

We all returned respectively greatly inspired excited and influenced from the experience and a burning desire to recreate part of the experience in London, the scene was very basic at the beginning. It began very, very small. 

The first night of SHOOM, there were about 100 people present and within a few months, there were a couple of thousand people outside on the street trying to get in. The thing was the early scene it was all about a DIY culture. The scene unlocked people’s dreams including my own because the economics of Britain were very depressed on the lead up to the point in 87.

The excitement and creative vision immediately attracted people to the scene we were collectively shaping.

Rampling - Shoom - 1988

What were your intensions for Shoom back then? 

My intentions were to create a space where i could be appreciated as a DJ and create a club that became a family of like minded positive party people. By sharing the Ibiza experience with the new music Acid House-Techno and my excitement and passion behind the decks had a profound effect on the regulars and the Shoom dance floor. There was a message with Shoom we were creating a movement based on unity inclusion opportunity love happiness. 

Dancing as a spiritual practice:  how much of this is core to Shoom?

Dancing is a basic human ritual and how good do we feel through the movement of our bodies dancing is primal and brings people together as one on the dance floor we lose our inhibitions and release the spirit.

Shoom is all about the music presenting new wave artists alongside pioneers of the scene part in the heritage and supporting new music and artists talent.  People come to Shoom events to dance not to sightsee or pose. 

Shoom - trip with acid

How did the original Shoom draw to an end? 

Towards the end of 1989 the scene had changed quite drastically and looking back we stopped Shoom as the scene was changing , too many people had let themselves go and too much excess, and energy levels and enthusiasm were changing. This all coupled with the criminality of the large Rave scene brought about change. As the Rave scene in many instances had become a magnet for  people who were late to the party and didn’t appreciate and understand the values and were making huge amounts of money through criminality and much of that scene got very heavy. Which therefore led to the Criminal Justice bill being introduced which impacted the outdoor party scene and on a positive note transformed and progressed into the festival scene.

We were not part of the large Rave scene and decided to go into a new direction and take a break and at the start of 1990 and open Pure Sexy which was all about dressing up and looking and feeling good less excess more style individuality and sexiness. 

Shoom - 1987 acid house

When did Shoom all start back up again?

Shoom came to a close at The Park nightclub in Kensington Autumn 1989. Shoom  was reignited and returned 2012 to celebrate 25 years of the club night and Acid House scene. The party was held over a weekend in December another great London club Cable hat was lost to Cross Rail development at London bridge SE1. The vent sold out in an hour and the demand crashed the ticket system. Detroit Techno legendDerrick May was our star guest. 

Shoom 30 took place at Bankside Vaults in London December 2017 headlined by US legend Tony Humphries. More recently in 2018 Shoom hosted two successful events at Paradiso in Amsterdam with guests: Chicago Acid Kind DJ Pierre.  NYE 2018 another night that sold out night with special guest Techno star Jay Lumen & new Techno talent Lilly Palmer and a Techno Live set from Analog Kitchen and ILONA and many other Dutch new wave break through Techno DJs. 

What's next for Shoom?  

There will be a Shoom mix compilation released summer 2019 which reflects the ethos of Shoom original updated versions of Acid classics and new cutting edge sounds. Presenting one for in the heritage and the other in the present and future music and artists. The album will be released through leading UK label CR2 music. The vision for Shoom moving forward developing the brand and international touring.

Shoom 30

Think they'll every be another '87 Amnesia moment in history?

Well I am just very very thankful like others who were there to have been part of that magical experience and spearheading the development of the UK Acid House scene. Who knows maybe this will be the last of the great movements as music and fashion as information is now so immediate in the digital age we live in a rather transient culture currently. Maybe something completely different will emerge in the future through technology advancements, and a new scene will be created and spread like wildfire across the globe.

Shoom x Arts 

Danny you art direct all your posters.  What is the basic inspiration for the posters your are launching?

Art is an integral part of my character and have much passion for and only subject i enjoyed and excelled at in School years, therefore have a keen eye for details and creative flair vision and feel artwork is as integral to the music with Shoom. We’ve always presented vibrant colourful eye-catching designs for flyers, which i feel is highly important and art design is the  shop window which reflects the vibe of Shoom. Just as art is used on the club nights Shoom presents hanging colourful mobiles and banners a sea of warm inviting vibrant colour.

At present the basic inspiration is geared more towards the future sci-fi and space theme. The posters that we are launching feature the artwork throughout the years to the present day. The  Shoom  distinctive smiley images which i adopted for Shoom back in 1987 along with the iconic heart logo  and more recent smiley variations and space theme.

The range of posters prints are high quality limited numbered editions collectors prints, and look great and to be treasured 

The Shoom art series - Danny Rampling acid house prints

The Shoom Series is an exclusive selection of Shoom flyers & posters, a journey from old to new.  Available exclusively on arts now.