Agata Tomaszek's Design Internship at Arts

DMU Graphics Student Agata Tomaszek joined us for a 6 week internship at the Arts design studio.  Poetry of Form was the end destination for Agata's Design internship at Graffio. A range of work that deals with Modernism in architecture & typographic form. The functionalism of Modernism is contrasted with playful, humanising motifs that link the different sides of Agata's design practice.

It was a pleasure to have Agata in at the studio's for that six week period.  We were really impressed with Agata's creative abilities and work ethic & Poetry of Form was very much the cumulation of a lot of hard work combined with Agata's creative flair and vision.  The range was very well received, especially in the Trade, where we exhibited her work at the Spring Fair & Autumn Fair at Birmingham's NEC as well as Top Drawer, London.



A conversation between Arts Creative Director, Andy Harper & Agata Tomaszek

What do you do & why do you do it?

There are many ways to answer this question but basically, I wish to capture what I’m amazed by. I absorb what surrounds me, process it in my head and put down on paper.

When did you first realise you had a passion / artistic ability?

I can’t recall that moment. Creating things was always an integrated part of my life. It obviously evolved throughout the years and was less or more important but it was always there

Agata's minimalist range

Any other jobs that you've had other than artist?

Since I’ve gone to college, I’ve been always working with children. I really love it! They never cease to amaze me with their creativity and they are a huge inspiration for me.

Anything in your childhood that inspired you to do what you do now?

 I used to be involved in scouting for a very long time and it strongly influenced who I became and what I do now. When I was younger, I remember our leaders creating a kind of an alternative reality we could dive into after school. Everything was so magical! A few years later, I wish to continue sharing this impression with other people and introduce them to my perception of the world through my art.

What do you like most about your work?

I truly enjoy the process. I like to apply a solid research to every brief or project I undertake. It strongly stimulates my mind both creatively and intellectually. I also like the combination of knowledge and observation with the creative freedom given by experimentation.

What inspires you?

It’s tricky to define certain inspirations. I think I could say it’s the impressions, the feelings I get from the environment. Especially from cities. There is a concept of it being undiscovered, just like a maze. You can get lost and come back with a head full of new ideas. I think this is the most influential for me – just wandering around and observing.

What's essential to the work of any artist?

"Courage to share their true selves through art"

How do you decide when to stop / when your work's finished?

I usually start big and then try to simplify my final result. I finish when the outcome feels right and I can’t take away anything anymore. Although, I believe there’s a very thin line when it comes to final touches as it’s always possible to keep developing your work. Its potential is infinite.

Has your practice evolved over time?

Yes, of course! I have become more eager to experiment and express myself more through what I create.

Agata - art on a wall

How did your collab with Arts come about? 

It was a great experience! So far, my design practice was very academic. Therefore, in the studio, I had an opportunity to make a step beyond this university border. I could keep counting its benefits but I think the most important thing is that I made sure I truly enjoy the career I chose.

I should also mention the opportunity of my work being exhibited at NEC, Birmingham which was unforgettable!

If you could collab again what would you do ? 

My collab with linked architecture with typography through digital collage. I would like to explore this technique more along with photography and attempt to capture places and architectural elements inspired by my travels and culture of places I’ve visited. That would be great!

Agata - all her artwork

Poetry of Form was the end destination for Agata's Design internship at Graffio. A range of work that deals with Modernism in architecture & typographic form.  Available exclusively on arts now.