Canal House - our new creative space in Loughborough

Pli Panda Aka Peter Li dropped into see us at Canal House recently, and left us with an exciting new Collab in the post, participated in an interview with the Mercury & furnished us with some atmospheric shots of our new workspace at Canal House in Loughborough.

On this serendipitous day, he caught us on philosophising with the Mercury newspaper about our new space.  

Pli Panda - canal house arts and Creative center loughborough


Our studio is at Canal House comes under  Our Neighbourhood - an experiment into what a modern working community could look like. 

Pli Panda Photography of Canal house in Loughborough - intro

Canal House

Is a new concept in loughborough that fuses creative business along side a family centric coffee shop, Bom Bom Patisserie 

Peter joined Steven Baradell & Andy Harper in an interview with the Leicester Mercury about the new venue.  Here's is a slightly different spin on the interview from Andy Harper: 

Pli Panda - canal house - upstairs arts gallery loughborough


It feels like a brave new concept

Co-working and communing with families and businesses under one roof - it's very experimental.  Anyone can drop in and see what we do, as well as getting a brief window into local creative industries.

There is very much a paradox of energy in the building: people rushing around, making (sh)it happen, being creative, working & hustling.  This is unusually matched with mothers, babies & students.  This opposing dynamic creates an energy that, on a good day equalises the sometimes tense atmosphere that you can get at work.  Or on a bad day it creates pure chaos!


A Modern Community

is an interesting topic to explore.  Having grown up through the 80's & experienced Thatcher's Britain & capitalism in full effect, it feels like a welcome change.  Community feels like it's been gradually eroding in England in the last 40 years, so projects like this are helping us go back to our roots and commune in a healthier and creative way. 

When you make an environment that is community based, people start to help each other more, energy levels increase, people feel better, socialise / work better & collab's naturally start to happen.  Then it becomes a destination - people start coming here.  We were pretty amazed at just how quickly it started to work (of sorts) - it has been pretty busy since day one. 

Pooling resources is another benefit - and we do this by working with James Poole ( Video production agency) Hannah Bodsworth (Charnwood StudiosLike Mind Media (Media Agency) and not forgetting Bom Bom for print collab's and coffee.

So already it feels like we've got the platform where the magic can start to happen.  As a business, we are making ourselves more approachable.  You can drop in and see us - we don't bite ( unless it's a Monday morning ).  Since we've been here there are lots more collab's happening & It feels already that a healthy bi-product of all this is that you end up offering inspiration and opportunity to others.

Coming soon

Loads coming up: we're aiming at having a pop up gallery, retail space and pop up art workshops for kids soon.  We're just finishing our long awaited Augmented Reality Art App & we have big plans for two installations coming soon at Canal House that will feature AR.  Exciting times ahead.  If you want to read more creative goodness, don't forget to signup to keep in touch or follow us on social below.   

Coming soon - Pli Panda


Peter Li is an award-winning photographer based in London. His architectural artwork received 1st place in the Architecture Category at the Epson International Pano Awards 2018 and was Commended at the Sony World Photography Awards 2018.   

coming soon - pli panda