GWW01: A Recap

The launch night of Gallery Without Walls Project One took place on the 31st March 2017 at the Leicester Creative Business Depot with the fantastic artwork of DMU students being displayed at numerous locations. Gallery Without Walls is a not for profit collaboration between Graff.ioand Sean Clark and acts as a platform for the distribution of curated artwork across multiple traditional and untraditional spaces. The purpose of Project One was to increase the exposure of the artwork created by the DMU students.

Where can I find the art?

The artwork was showcased (and still is – for a short time only!) at various venues across Leicester including The Exchange, Manhattan 34, Peter’s Pizzeria, LCB Depot and the Adult Education Center.

In total, ten artists were carefully selected and each was able to submit a few pieces of their work to be displayed in each venue. With each person having a different artistic background, there were a vast selection of styles in the artwork including (but not limited to): photography, acrylic screen prints, sculptures, and paintings. Each piece explored an underlying meaning of something personal to the artists themselves. Themes that were explored included urban environments, seascapes and the perceptions of the female body. Overall, the project was a huge success. The main venues are located in the heart of Leicester’s cultural quarter making them easily accessible and therefore encouraging visitors. The project enabled the students to get the exposure they need to be noticed in the art world which makes the project worthwhile for unknown artists to have their work showcased in various locations.

Gallery without walls 001 - recap of the opening night at the LCB

What’s next for Gallery Without Walls?

Project Two is coming VERY soon! This time we have collaborated with Graffwerk, the people behind the successful Bring The Paint, who will be taking submissions. For more information, check out our call for submissions!

GWW02 Call for Submissions

If you didn’t go to the launch event, be sure to read all about it here.

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Gallery Without Walls is a platform for the distribution of artworks across multiple traditional or untraditional spaces around Leicester. We curate exhibitions, collaborate on events and experiment with new ways of displaying art within the city. Our aim is to increase exposure to the arts for the benefit of creatives, venues and the wider community.