GWW04: Re:Loop

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Gallery Without Walls Project 4 launched on 28th September - the very first night of Leicester LCB’s Last Friday Street Food Night which was a huge success.

The idea for Project 4 originated from the LCB Design Season which is proud to be part of. The festival celebrates the work of architects, designers, graffiti artists and illustrators.

Gallery without walls 004 - Loop art show, LCB depot

Design Festival

Select artists from the Design Season had their work chosen to be featured in Project 4 of Gallery Without Walls. The response that we received from the artists was phenomenal and we would like to say a huge Thank You to all those that have taken part. Another huge Thank You is owed to the creators of Design Season who made Project 4 possible. What they have achieved is incredible – not only for the artists but also for the city of Leicester. Congrats guys!

A range of events for LCB Design Season are still planned across October. Take a look at what’s on near you -

With some cocktails and great street food, as always, the launch night went down a storm! The artwork is now being distributed across the participating venues and these are now being announced on our Instagram page which you can find here>


There’s no news yet on GWW05 but rest assured, there won’t be too long to wait until Project 5! Stay tuned to our social pages for more information.

Gallery without walls 004 - Loop art show, LCB depot

Gallery without walls 004 - Loop exhibition Leicester

Gallery without walls 004 - Loop art exhibition

Gallery without walls 004 - Loop art show, Shauna McKeon

Gallery without walls 004 - LOOP - Leicester arts

Gallery Without Walls is a platform for the distribution of artworks across multiple traditional or untraditional spaces around Leicester. We curate exhibitions, collaborate on events and experiment with new ways of displaying art within the city. Our aim is to increase exposure to the arts for the benefit of creatives, venues and the wider community.