GWW03: 27 by Sean Clark

Gallery Without Walls Project Three launched at the LCB Depot in Leicester on 29th June 2018 and didn’t disappoint! On behalf of, we would like to say a huge thank you to Sean Clark for collaborating with us on this project!

Sean Clark

Project 3 is an exhibition of digital work by award-winning Leicester artist Sean Clark. Sean’s work is concerned with dynamic patterns - or "systems" - of organisation and is inspired by natural processes such as flow and "connectedness". His images are generated by computer programs and can run "live" on screens, or be exhibited as prints. His first exhibition was in 2000 and since then he has shown work around the world - including in the USA, China, UK & Europe and Australia. 

Gallery without walls 003 - Sean Clark

Gallery without walls 03 - Sean Clark - peter pizza


Gallery Without Walls Project 3: 27 by Sean Clark

27 is a single artwork distributed across multiple locations. There are three framed images at each location, each image is composed of a three by three grid of patterns and each pattern is generated by a computer program.


Launch Night

Yet again, the LCB Depot, Leicester, was a great place for the opening night of Project 3. The event was packed with people, delicious street food was served and in the words of’s new designer, the place was ‘Thriving with creative souls’ - and that is just what we are trying to achieve!


The Venues:

The artwork is now being distributed across six locations in the City. To find out more, scan our QR code below:

  • LCB Depot
  • The Adult Education Centre
  • Phoenix
  • The Manhattan 34
  • Peter’s Pizzeria
  • The Exchange Bar

Gallery without walls 03 - Sean Clark


We don’t want to ruin the surprise too much, but Gallery Without Walls Project 4 is already lined up and will take place in September 2018! Watch this space and stay tuned for more news!

Gallery without walls 003 - Sean Clark - artist statement

Gallery without walls 03 - Sean Clark

Gallery without walls 03 - Sean Clark 

Gallery without walls 03 - Sean Clark

Gallery without walls 03 - Sean Clark - peter pizza"

Gallery Without Walls is a platform for the distribution of artworks across multiple traditional or untraditional spaces around Leicester. We curate exhibitions, collaborate on events and experiment with new ways of displaying art within the city. Our aim is to increase exposure to the arts for the benefit of creatives, venues and the wider community.