GWW01: Launch Night

Gallery Without Walls launched Project One (GWW01) on Friday the 31st of March, at the LCB Depot in Leicester - and it was a huge success! Firstly, we would like to thank everyone who attended.

So, what is Gallery Without Walls?

Gallery Without Walls is the result of a partnership between and Sean Clark. It is a collaborative platform for the distribution of curated artworks across multiple traditional and untraditional spaces. The exhibition aims to increase the exposure of art for the benefit of participating artists, venues and the wider community. GWW is a collaborative project supported by who bring knowledge of print, event management, marketing and brand development to the mix.

Project One of Gallery Without Walls (GWW01) offers a partnership between, Sean Clark and Graduate champions from Leicester De Montfort University. It aims to showcase some of the work which DMU students have to offer. The work is to be displayed in multiple venues across Leicester city centre.

Gallery without walls flyer


The artwork will remain displayed across the four venues for a few months- so you can still visit them. They are displayed at:

  • LCB Depot
  • The Exchange
  • Manhattan 34
  • Peter Pizzeria
  • Adult Education College

The Launch Night of GWW01.

"We had a great turnout for GWW01 and a lot of fun", said Andy Harper, from It turned out to be a fantastic spring evening - the ambience of the event was beautiful - temperature, food, people - warm smiles were everywhere. From the canteen event to Gallery Without Walls, the venue was packed with people. All eager to see what the Cultural Quarter has to offer.

An interview with Andy Harper

We asked Andy how he felt the launch event went, and his thoughts generally regarding Gallery Without Walls.

"It's always challenging to get a "not for profit" concept off the ground. However, all meetings and encounters have been met with such encouragement. We have all been genuinely taken aback.   GWW is all about working with the local art community, helping artists & venues get more exposure & linking them both with an audience that appreciates them.  Distributing art across multiple venues simultaneously is an interesting concept to explore and ultimately you can start to break down the walls literally & metaphorically. I love the idea that art can take you on a journey and help you explore a city, discover new places, people and concepts.   Conversations & chance meetings occur that wouldn't have happened, so the concept becomes an enabler, facilitating creativity and collaboration.

A lot of hard graft was put in from the team, especially Guy for his GWW branding piece, Steve for coordinating it all and Sean for the tech & the LCB for agreeing to all our crazy demands... I feel like there are some really interesting projects and collabs to explore in the future & it will be great to start pushing a concept that is cutting edge and hasn't been explored properly - yet.  Furthermore, it feels like we are all moving into a new era, where resistance is a thing of the past & that a new "permissive" attitude that has parallels with Berlin and Bristol appears to be taking shape in Leicester.  So, to all involved in the scene, let's keep it up. Get involved and start laying the foundations for a new generation of creatives." 

From a different perspective

Gallery Without Walls 001

So, what does Gallery Without Walls mean to someone else? Well, we asked our Head of Design, Guy to share his thoughts.

"Three months ago I was job hunting. I'd been freelancing for years and wanted to be part of something more creative and meaningful. I was determined that I would only commit to the right company...if it existed and if I could find it. In Leicester. Then I met Andy and Steve at Their openness and commitment to creativity backed by sound business acumen blew my mind. I'd met the fakers before. This was the real thing. The day that I started at, Paige, a DMU graduate champion turned up. We all got together for a meeting. We were going to kick off some crazy exhibition THING." 

And when it all came together?

"It took a lot of work to get the concept right but with some serious teamwork it mutated and developed into an idea for a fantastic creative platform. All of the key people we pitched the idea to agreed within minutes to jump on board. I've not seen this kind of openness and cooperation during my career. Three months later and GWW01 has launched. The student's work looks great, the project manages to communicate a tricky concept and the launch event was well received. The team covered for each other and enabled members to play to their strengths in a way. I'm very proud to have been part of such a great team.

What will we do for GWW02? 03? Who will we work with next? One thing I do know- it's going to get better. It's going to be more diverse and it's going to showcase the work of even more creatives to audiences that maybe didn't quite expect it..."

Below are some of the photos from the launch event which was an amazing evening. Are you interested in Gallery Without Walls? Like their Facebook Page or follow them on Twitter to keep up with the latest news. Share your thoughts with us - we love to hear them.


GWW gallery without walls 001 photos from the night

Gallery without walls photos from the night

Gallery Without Walls is a platform for the distribution of artworks across multiple traditional or untraditional spaces around Leicester. We curate exhibitions, collaborate on events and experiment with new ways of displaying art within the city. Our aim is to increase exposure to the arts for the benefit of creatives, venues and the wider community.