GWW: An Introduction to the Platform

Gallery Without Walls is a new and exciting project conceived and developed as a result of the collaboration between and Sean Clark.

About the project

The project is the result of a partnership between and Sean Clark which brings Gallery Without Walls to Leicester. It is a collaborative platform for the distribution of curated artworks across multiple traditional and untraditional spaces. The aim of the exhibition is to increase the exposure of art for the benefit of participating artists, venues and the wider community. GWW is a collaborative project supported by who bring knowledge of print, event management, marketing and brand development to the mix.

Project One of Gallery Without Walls (GWW01) offers a partnership between, Sean Clark and Graduate champions from Leicester De Montfort University. In addition, it aims to showcase some of the work which DMU students have to offer. As a result, the work is to be displayed in multiple venues across Leicester city centre.


gallery without walls


So, we have partnered with multiple locations across Leicester to give a varied and exciting exhibition throughout the Cultural quarter at select venues. The aim is to create a fun and unique exhibition experience. The venues include:

The Exchange

Manhattan 34

LCB depot

Peter’s Pizzeria


The Adult Education Centre


In total, there are 10 artists who have submitted work to be put on display and as a result, there is more than one piece in each venue. They include a variety of styles such as Photography, paintings and acrylic screen prints.  They feature themes of seascapes, views on the female body and heavy urban environments.

Finally, Gallery Without Walls launches on Friday 31st March at LCB -Leicester Creative Business Depot. 31 Rutland Street. Leicester LE1 1RE. This corresponds with LCB’s Canteen night. We hope to see you there!

gallery without walls

Gallery Without Walls Social:


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