Immersed Birds: an amazing collection by Moisés Hernández

Immersed Birds: an amazing collection by Moisés Hernández

Immersed birds is a series of minimalist and modern wooden sculptures. Mexican designer Moisés Hernández has created this amazing collection. Throughout his work, he explores the poly chromatic plumage of tropical birds and employs a dip – dying technique to achieve the brilliant tones of the bird’s feathers which showcases contrasting layers of colours. They are truly amazing!

The collection explores the unique form of birds and features 3 dazzling species of bird which are native to Mexico. These are the toucan, the hummingbird and the Mexican quetzal.  The artist has always taken an interest in the “glowing chromatic range,” and therefore aims to interpret the hues of the birds feathers through a process of dip-dying.

How are the immersed birds made?

Crafted from wood and composed of smooth curves, the sculptures showcase the distinctive shape of each creature. From the toucan’s large bill to the hummingbird’s thin beak, the animals’ key characteristics are featured in the sculptures.

As well as the form of birds, the unique colours are also explored. This process involves immersing the wooden sculptures in coloured water. The artist can achieve texture and variations of transparency made by layers of colour. By varying the amount of time that parts of the bird are submerged in the water, the artist can control the saturation of each coat of paint. When dipped for a prolonged period, the layers of colour are dark and nearly opaque. On the other hand, when left in for a short stint, the colours are see-through. Due to this, the wood grain becomes visible.


In addition to the form and colour of the birds, the series of immersed birds explores the push and pull between machine – made and hand – crafted objects. Created using CNC (computer numerical control) technology, each sculpture is unique and so this allows him to skilfully achieve the form he desires for each piece of work. When contrasted with Hernández’s hands-on method of painting, this mechanized approach to sculpting creates unique figures with amazing duality!

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