We Exhibited at Interact Digital Arts '19

We Exhibited at Interact Digital Arts '19

At the Lcb Depot in Leicester this week we were privileged to be part of Interact Digital Arts 2019 - Curated by Sean Clark.  

We did some of the fine art printing for the show as also exhibited two new augmented reality pieces - "Like Like" from Thierry Miquel and "Aruba" from Pauser

Sean Clark gave us a walk through of his curated exhibition & discussed some of the work on show in our video below. 


Sean Clark talks about his lastest work "Elements" at LCB Depot, Leicester, December 2019.

I use grids of 64 x 64 colours which make 4096 ( 8x8x8x8 ) 8's / 16's & 4's appear a lot in this work.

So for each point on the grid you have your vertical and horizontal pieces. I have called this piece " Elements" because each one of these little 4's of colours which comes out of the point that you explore is an element that I'm going to be using in a series of artworks which I am using this year

You can think of this as the "Big Bang". This was a formation of 4096 colours. Each one has a unique hue / saturation and lightness level. It doesn't mean anything, but I have used a predictable pseudo random number generator so I can generate these colours as many times as I light. It's random and I can generate these as many times as I like .

The idea of this new phase of my work is that as it develops it will start to take on meaning. I will select the ones that I like... As I start creating new generative artwork, I will start to favour some of these colour combinations. But also within the generative system, any two colours that are part of this element will have part of an affinity with each other. So I am looking to generate big computer based digital pieces that self organise, but the rules in part will be based on my aesthetic choices.  Watch the video above for more or check our collaborative project with Sean, Gallery without Walls

Augmented reality artwork from Thierry Miquel