Thierry Miquel Interview

We met Thierry on a blazing hot day in June 2018 at his studio to discuss his collaboration with Arts. This is what happened…


A conversation between Arts and Thierry Miquel at his Loughborough studio in June 2018.

Twelve Unique Prints

Joy in Repetition is an art versus print experimental collaboration. Two paintings were scanned and then reproduced as a small run of prints. Thierry then added painted details to each print creating a series of original pieces. 

This project could herald a new era of artistic collaborations that produces affordable, original art for buyers. We’d like to thank Thierry for his openness and commitment and we look forward to seeing how this art will be received by art buyers!


Available Now

The pieces are presented as box canvases in a small and large size. The small size canvases are framed as standard and the larger size are available framed if required.

These are 1/1 – one off, canvas prints with extra, hand painted embellishments making each one unique.  They are presented on 100% cotton canvas, finished & hand signed by the artist. 


Small Versions

These 6 prints (40x40cm) are presented with a float frame as standard, in a choice of black or white. 

Thierry small canvas prints


Large Versions

These 6 prints (93 x 93cm) are presented as boxed canvas with a reduced price, float frame as an upgrade option.

Edition #158 Joy in Repetition is a stunning selection of 12 original prints available exclusively on Arts now!