Boyd Interview

Frazier Boyd, or simply ‘BOYD’, as he is commonly known, is an artist with a defining style. His art takes inspiration from a huge range of backgrounds & he talks to Arts loosely about his practice & his recent exhibition about the capital of Great Britain.


A conversation between Arts and BOYD from his studio in 2017.

An urban influence

A bad day in London is still better than a good day anywhere else. Nothing is certain in London but expense. Being British to me is, just like those two famous quotes, somewhat of a paradox. I get inspired by being in any thriving metropolis & spending a lot of time in London recently has been an influencing factor for my latest pieces. 

BOYD street artist -art studio

Scratching the surface

In London, the harsh realities of life are evident all around us, crime, pollution, erosion, destitution. Yet if you scratch the surface, wherever you look are radiant faces, full of hope and optimism. Strong communities, acts of kindness & beings all living out their purpose are all evident in London. It proves that wherever you go, whatever you see, human and indeed all life forms always find a way

A huge cog in a global wheel

(London) is a place of stark contrasts and contradictions: Beauty, nature & divine perfection intercept technology, commercialisation, capitalism  Like a huge cog in a global wheel that is powering the whole world, and when you witness it close hand & feel the energy run through you, it’s like nothing I’ve ever felt before. My art is always an attempt to reflect that energy, that paradox: you find decaying cityscapes intersecting sharp, crisp lines

BOYD street artist -art studio


My practice is an attempt to reflect this, essentially it's a juxtaposition of Beautiful crisp lines & fluoro colour colliding with a fucked up mess of grime and dirt. We are all isolated and alone, yet united together. We are nothing more than the sum of our combined parts. We have all helped to create this metropolis and every single person, every little step, helps develop the whole disgusting, beautiful ecosystem that we call London, England.

part of an exclusive interview with Arts 2017.

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