Bring the Paint x Arts 2019

Overview of our collab

Bring The Paint 2019 took place on May Bank holiday 2019 & was as much a success nationally as it is for the local area & Leicester.  The ultimate legacy that is left is that Leicester now has a series of world class, large scale quality murals from writers from all over the world, the quality and diversity you will struggle to find anywhere in Britain with the obvious exception of Bristol.  It was comforting and equally bizarre to hear various enthusiasts from London telling us how we now have better quality work in Leicester than in London, where the scene has become disjointed, broken in places and is suffering from a large number of commissions and less real art on the streets.  It's a sobering reminder what the impact of money & capitalism can have on a scene. 

Kris Trigg - Live at Ape index

Our involvement

As a mainly online arts company Arts was involved in Bring the Paint in a range of areas: We brought artists in that we really like & rep whenever we can - ACHES / COMA / PAUSER / NYCES / GNASHER to name a few.  We Also helped run the Pop up art fair, the paint jam at Ape Index as well as providing the interactive mapping functionality with our Gallery without walls tech.  

We are an online shop, fact. But the ethos behind it is not financially driven, we are a 21st century shop and we are here to explore how we move it forward in modern, interesting & ethical ways. 

GNASHER - live street art at Ape index

Gnasher starting out

Why we do what we do

We want to help artists commercialise their work, give them a platform to get out there, get more exposure and work on a more diverse range of projs & collabs.  We work with visionary artists, anyone that wants to create that unexpected moment, to overwhelm people with works of beauty.  We want to work with anyone that is pushing the boundaries of what is possible or anyone committed to helping to change things for the better.  Anyone using tech with organic is another key area, and the modern graffiti artist ticks so many of these boxes, so here are a few:

Pauser AKA Tom Junker painting at Ape index

Pauser laying the outlines

The artists involved

Aches is taking RGB, complex layering & photoshop and applying it to graffiti - no cheating / masking - all freehand skills.  The technical ability of such a young lad is blowing people away, especially other writers because of its complex & well finished nature.  Aches was linked in with Trapped in Zone One who also introduced Coma into the fesitval.     Pauser is taking classic flowing old school letters and applying his own flair.  Nothing new perhaps, however his work ethic is impressive and his use of Augmented reality is something that can't be ignored.   Gnasher discovered a mention - his huge Ape was a good representation of his sympathetic style and has gone down a storm is already leaving a legacy in the place.  His consideration to surrounding & work ethic are bang on & the guy deserves some love in a community which can sadly bring so many haters. Nycesindoor pieces were well received, animals juxtaposed against super abstract letters.  His outdoor burner along with Tower is a really piece of work too & can be found adorning the front of the building.   Finally Kris Trigg, an ex teacher and lecturer is reborn as a senior fine artist.  His up for anything approach has gone down really well with the Arts team and he his first solo show at Graffwerk is soon to be followed by another experimental show in Leicester - watch this space for details, and expect something even more off the wall ( pun intended ) than his last show.  

Pauser - Live at Ape index - full wall mural

Our Preview - Thurs 23rd May, at Ape Index

Shouts to all that made it to our preview at Ape Index on the 23rd May @Ape_index_ as part of @bring_the_paint.  There's more photos below.  We had some kick ass circus, tricks and Poi from the awesome Si @simonratzker and a surprise visit from Adam BOOM Scott from @whatifcircus. Especially grateful for all their inspiring work with all the kids 👏 We also had a respectable turnout from the Bowline CC added a bit of ninja / bouldering into an art preview evening,No one got the drinking and climbing in the wrong order & it all ended well with a sunset BBQ & beer out the back overlooking the water.   

Watch this space for the next event at Ape Index, sponsored by Arts.

Bring the paint graffiti festival banner Pauser's first piece @Ape Index

Gnasher- full size Ape - at Ape index as part of Bring the Paint festival

5x4m Ape from GNASHER

NYCES and TOWER - Live painting / graffiti at Ape index

 Ape Index frontage from NYCES & TOWER 

Pauser - Live Painting at Ape index Tom Junker - Live painting / graffiti -Bring the Paint festival

Pauser - detail on the rear of the building

Circus / trick and poi - family workshop at Ape index

Adam from Whatifcircus running a workshop with the kids

Circus / Poi at Ape index

Si giving a circus demo

Pauser getting the outlines up

Montana cans - graffiti painting at Ape index

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