An Interview with The Krah

Raised in Athens, THE KRAH is London based  graffiti artist & spent the last last 18 years by painting the streets while touring around Europe & Asia. Raised in Athens, the London based artist has had a number of solo shows in London & Berlin & his work is in a large range of private collections.  Watch this space for his new Augmented Reality series coming soon from the Krah in early 2020, which features an animation collaboration with the Graffio Studios.

An interview with The Krah &'s Andy Harper, January 2020. 

What has been coming our of your studio lately?

I am always working on lots of projects simultaneously, ether by hand or on the computer usually a mix of both. 

I draw a lot, now days mostly draw directly on the screen of my Wacom Cintiq. That for you that don’t know is a screen that is plunged in your laptop so it allows you to draw on the screen but still use all the design programs like Photoshop and illustrator. The good thing about that is that you can do so much more, such as using infinite layers, you can correct mistakes so much easier and use lots of filters.  But nothing is the same as the feel of pencil on paper, so I try to draw on paper as much as I can mostly doodles that a lot of the time I will use in projects I do in the future.

The Krah - documentary


I also paint canvases for exhibitions around the world and also sell on my website >  I usually paint by mixing lots of types of painting methods, acrylics, oils, spray paint and inks. Recently I am focusing on oil painting trying to master it.

I started as a graffiti artist and have never stopped, I might not be as hardcore as I use to be but still paint as much as I can in the streets of London and other cities that I visit.

At the moment I have been working on lots of projects: A logo for the Hong Kong Culture institute, a logo and record cover for an acid rock band, illustrations on Greek mythology for a Greek company that is making modern style merchandise, a mural for a shop here in East London.

I am also in negotiations with a few venues trying to find a good place to do my next group show that I will be curating here in London.

Aside all that I am working on my next self published magazines of my work, that is fun.  Trying to get in order all the pictures of murals and paintings I have done over the years and get them republished. I go through lots of hard drives and CDs and find all sorts of artwork and murals I have done that I have forgotten about, so many memories attached to each one image.


Has your practice evolved in recent years?

My art practice is always evolving, I am very experimental and like to switch from one technique to an other always trying to find a new way of doing things.

I am constantly thinking about my art, it's my life. I research images all the time I am not creating. I go to lots of museums every week and to gallery show openings.

I love watching documentary’s about art history and anything creative and love cinema.

The Krah biog


How did your latest series in AR come about?

I have always liked the idea of my work being animated, I always was a day dreamer so its natural for me to see my drawings come alive. So when the opportunity came, I jumped at the chance to be part of the project.

Do you think AR or any of the mixed realities will become important for artists in the future?

It is already happening, we are the in future. It started with smart phones and computer games.  I predict we will have more and more LED animations on buildings and more holograms as adverts on the streets.

What's next for you?

I want to do more sculpting with clay and creating limited edition sculptures and toys. I would also like to learn Zbrush to be abele to digitally sculpt on the computer and 3d print my creations.  As ever, I just need to find the money and the time to do it! 


The Krah's artwork is available exclusively on arts now.

The Krah - limited edition and otiginal artwokr