Artist profile: Boogie

Boogie is a designer, graffiti artist, and illustrator.  Even though he was very connected to his roots in the Ore Mountains in East Germany, he decided to study Communication Design in Wiesbaden, Germany when he was 25 -he knew that what he was doing needed to have a more solid foundation. Being a mature student at a university, he set himself the goal to finish at the age of 30. Since then he has been working as a self-employed Graphic Designer and Illustrator.

Graffiti has always been a big passion of his & over the last couple of years, it has become a major part of his everyday job. 

Boogie art piece 

Since 2007 he has been living in Switzerland with his girlfriend and his French Bulldog, Egon. From his home base close to Basel he loves to travel the world, go snowboarding and hiking in the nearby Alps, meet interesting people and get inspired by new influences. According to Boogie,

"In the end, it’s all about having a good & peaceful time."

Boogie's work features in the book 'Graffiti Blackbook Kofidential' published by Monokrome (2016).

Boogie Graff art print

Boogie in sri lanka - graff art work

Boogie classic burner

Boogie's limited edition print as part of the Monokrome series is Available exclusively on arts now.