A Window to Reality #001: Kris Trigg

A Window to Reality

AR City: A Window to Reality - our first project kicked off on Friday in the first disused shop: the old Burton's in Loughborough.

Each week we are executing a new installation from a local artist. We record the performance, it can then be re watched again in Augmented reality, and using the Arts AR app.  Six artists each representing one unique genre. First up: @sketcherkris Aka Kris Trigg, the Pop Artist.

AR City - A Window to Reality

An interview with Kris Trigg & Arts 

When you got asked by to be part of the project, what were your immediate thoughts?

Having worked with before I am familiar with their approach and outlook. I am always open to working on new projects and we share very similar views on being open minded and progressive.
How do you approach a project like this?

Not to think too much about the space so I have no preconceptions. I had a vague idea that I wanted the content to be loosely based on a building that had a connection to Loughborough but apart from that I like the anticipation and the challenge.

How did you decide on the artwork for the install?

As before loosely based on a local building. I knew that I would start off with a strip of yellow but apart from those two elements I wanted to space it would sit in to have some influence on what was produced on the day.

How did you feel that it went on the day? 

Loved it. I felt very calm and happy to just let it happen. I enjoyed the bigger space around the board / canvas and this allowed me to engage with the process of producing and also to see the piece entirely from different viewpoints.  I also enjoyed the pressure of producing in front of an audience as I am normally quite reserved.

Kris Trigg - A Window to Reality - 001 - Loughborough Augmented reality arts proj

AR city, a window to reality is giving artists the chance to create a dialogue about empty shops and the current state of the high street.   Do you think the arts play a part in the regeneration of the High St?  Did you want to make a statement / Did your piece hold any significance ? Or do you have any comments on the above statement ?

I work with the notion that I am comfortable with my work sitting within and being viewed outside of a traditional environment so for it to sit in an empty shop that would otherwise be boarded up with advertising works for me. The idea that people can access art through the high street broadens the opportunity for people to be inspired / engage in conversation and just to view and enjoy and visually consume. The possibilities for work to be transient and accessible appeals allowing a much wider audience access.

Augmented reality project in Loughborough town

Augmented reality project in Loughborough town

town centre - loughborough

Augmented reality project in Loughborough town

Arts council project in Loughborough

close up - kris triggs fine art piece

Kris Trigg - A Window to Reality  - Loughborough Augmented reality arts proj

Kris Trigg - arts council loughborough Leicestershire arts proj

Kris Trigg's originals are available exclusively on arts now.

Kris Trigg artwork