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Millions of years ago, in dim caves, our ancestors scratched their stories into stone walls. These became one of our first forms of communication. Our desire to make our mark can be seen through the history of language and we all express ourselves with art. By joining our tribe, you will have exclusive access to pursue your innate desire to decorate your blank walls.

If you’re reading this, you must be wondering what the benefits of being in our tribe may be. Well, you’re in luck. Here we will outline the benefits of why you should join us in reflecting our passions, our personality and our past, through art.

benefits of being a member

Our Products

We are proud to offer a range of high – quality products. Each piece can be selected as an art print, framed print or box canvas to suit your preference.

Art Prints
Available in a variety of sizes. Printed on a smooth natural white,  210gsm, coated paper with reduced optical brighteners. Acid-free coating for outstanding archival quality.

Framed Prints
Printed on a smooth natural white,  210gsm, coated paper with reduced optical brighteners. Acid-free coating for outstanding archival quality. Framed in a shallow high quality painted wood frame in a colour of your choice. You can also choose to upgrade to a deep moulding. Art Glass (Acrylic) and Ivory Mountboard included.

Box Canvas
Printed on 330gsm white 100% cotton canvas, wrapped around kiln dried fir wood which provides a lightweight yet durable base for your art. We hand construct all of our canvases using a specifically designed tension system.

As part of our tribe, you will receive member only, weekly offers. In some cases, this may entitle you to a huge 60% off our art or free delivery. If you’re passionate about art, we will ensure that you are the first to get your hands on it. You will also receive exclusive access and sneak peeks of our latest ranges weeks before they are released. Only if you’re one of us that is!

Alongside the amazing discounts and priority range viewing, we will also provide you with insights into what goes on behind the scenes, our office news and latest trends to give you inspiration for your next piece. We are humans too, and we are proud to share our greatest achievements with our members.

Remember, within our newsletters, you can update your preferences at any time so that you can decide which emails suit you and which don’t. Occasionally, we may ask you, as our tribesmen if a certain range is for you, so we can update your preferences to give you an individual experience.

To become a member of our tribe, please enter your email address below and we will do the rest.

We care about art, and you will too. So together, we are art.

Did you know?

If you share a picture of your Graff.io art proudly displayed on your wall and share it on our Facebook/Twitter channels with the #ArtSouls, you will be entitled to a 50% discount voucher?

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