Featured Artist: Andrew Wright

“I’m privileged to be able to produce work that’s dear to me rather than work I want to sell. I’m trying to express myself”

Jimi – Up close

Wright’s robust figurative art, often infused with the influence of Reggae, Hip-hop and Drum & Bass takes a bold stance on race, iconography and discrimination.

…Often infused with the influence of Reggae, Hip-hop and Drum & Bass…

Approaching sensitive subjects in a thought-provoking way, by looking through the lens of the culture, his work often includes conventional iconography twisting archetypal views of ethnicity.

Pray series

Wright tackles his subjects through a diverse variety of mediums and techniques. Ranging from scratchy monochromatic drawings to bold, figurative, vibrant and colourful canvasses,  he changes his creative “tool-kit” regularly to adapt to his subject matter.

The Last Supper


In 2007, Wright’s work featured in the Surface Gallery, Nottingham. Showcasing a reference to his childhood. The exhibition, Golly confronted prejudices still present in his adult life.

Golly Exhibition

As part of the Draw for the Future Project in 2016, The New Art Exchange and The Centre for Research in Race and Rights at Nottingham University secured a grant to produce a mural in the heart of the city. Wright collaborated with artist Onga and the young people of Hyson Green to create a mural entitled ‘Pathways’ – a beautiful piece which aimed to connect with the diverse communities within the city.

Pathways Mural

Iconic Portraits at Graff.io

Wright collaborates with us on the release of two prints Jimi and Pray. These will be a strictly limited edition of 25 high-quality, Giclee prints signed by the artist.

Pray and Jimi – Signed and framed giclee prints.

A close up to Andrew Wright's print
Pray – detail

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These editions are strictly limited. Each is signed by the artist and available framed or unframed. When these editions are gone, that’s it.

Andrew Wright

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We have a competition with one of each edition up for grabs. If you’d like to enter, be quick – these editions won’t be around for long! Keep your eyes on our social pages to find out more.

Graffio’s Zac with a signed Jimi print

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