Desire to decorate blank walls – Why do we decorate?

Decorating. A thought that doesn’t really cross our minds. An action without thought. But, why do we do it?

Psychologists have studied the process of decorating. They recently concluded that decorating shifts through our reasoning, our thoughts, our memory, our positive and negative emotions, through anticipation and expectation. Ultimately, our thoughts develop naturally when we decorate our walls – and these thoughts are creatively expressed through our individual personality. This wasn’t the case over 100 years ago, as we didn’t have the mediums available to us such as paints and wallpapers. However, the fundamental process of changing our surroundings remains the same.

Why do we decorate?

Where did it all start?

Our desire to decorate blank walls dates back to the time of the cavemen. Their form of decorating was to draw on the inside of cave walls. This was often stories or instructions for fellow men. Later on, around the 1920’s, the infamously inventive pieces of technology, which banded into this era, emerged with the influences of Art Deco trends (today known as modernism), of which decorative walls needed to match with the technological appliances and furniture, leaving a trapped choice of colours, that could be used for home living spaces. As decades passed, trends took a dramatic change. Moving into the 1970’s, trends arose with the insight of a nature colour palette consisting browns, greens, blues, yellows and oranges. Depending on the furniture, many people used bright punchy colours on the walls to create a balance in their home living space.

Why do we decorate?

Today, there is a rapid growth of creative freedom. This gives us the power of creating stunning home spaces, paving the walls with any colour that we dare choose. We can create artistic masterpieces which latch into our emotions, imagination and anticipation of your unique personality. So, going back to the question why do we decorate? We decorate because it is an innate desire, which has been part of us for millions of years. However the recent and most modern reason to decorate is because it reflects on the mood we intend to produce for our living space, which is often a reflection of our personality, memories and hobbies.

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