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Andy Warhol’s illustrations of ‘The Little Red Hen’

Andy Warhol, an American artist, known to be a leading figure in the visual art movement which has become widely known as Pop Art. His work featured in hundreds of films, exhibitions and books since he began producing it. In … Continue reading

Pichi and Avo – the work of the Spanish street artists

Pichi and Avo are a duo of Spanish street artists who began collaborating in 2007. They are widely recognised for their ability to develop a relationship between art and sculpture. Their artwork brings a blend of surrealism and classic urban … Continue reading

Shepard Fairey and his new artwork ‘Peace and Justice’

Shepard Fairey is a well-known American Street Artist, graphic designer and illustrator. Born in Charleston, he began his art career in 1984. This was when he started to put his drawings on skateboards and T shirts. He is also the … Continue reading

Flower Bicycles will cycle the streets of São Paulo

So, flower bicycles which highlight stages in a plant’s life will cycle the streets of São Paulo, Brazil. It is a celebration of nature and Japanese Diaspora. The single largest Japanese diaspora in any city is in São Paulo. Found in … Continue reading

Ant Carver floods the streets with a new technique

So, Ant Carver, is a street artist who is flooding the streets with a new technique, creating stunning murals. Ant is a London – based artist, who combines graffiti techniques with detailed oil painting. The effects are amazing! His technique … Continue reading

Portugals’ Gang of Graffitiing Grandparents

Yep, that’s right! Here you will meet Portugals’ Gang of Graffitiing Grandparents who have gone viral! They are a small group of retirees who have become virally known as ‘Graffiti Grandmas’. They are members of an arts education group for … Continue reading

Plywood Skyscrapers illustrated by Vasco Mourao

Plywood Skyscrapers: Artist Vasco Mourao, has begun to illustrate skyscrapers on circular pieces of plywood. The Barcelona based artist Vasco Mourao, otherwise known as Mister Mourao, has created a new series, named Ouroborus. About the artist Mourao, originally from Portugal … Continue reading

Banksy launches The Walled Off Hotel in Bethlehem

Banksy is to open a tourist attraction…. in Bethlehem! The elusive Banksy, a British graffiti artist has opened ‘The Walled Off Hotel’ The artist, who’s identity is still unknown, has opened the hotel which is situated against the Israeli security … Continue reading

21 story mural by Shepard Fairey and D*FACE

A 21 story mural? Yes – you read that right! JUSTKIDS have recently unveiled a 21 story mural by Shepard Fairey and D*FACE in Las Vegas. Due to its location, Plaza Hotel and Casino has been the building of choice for … Continue reading

What is Yarn Bombing? Check it out now!

What is Yarn Bombing? Yarn Bombing is a form of art that has been appearing in our streets. It aims to inject brilliant colors and bring street art and crafts together. Yarn storming, guerrilla knitting or crocheting, urban knitting or … Continue reading