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Gallery Without Walls – Project Two

Gallery Without Walls - Project Two

Project Two of Gallery Without Walls is here and the launch night was a huge success. Our partnership with Graffwerk has gone from strength to strength as we proudly present all of the work in venues around the city. The … Continue reading

Supporting you making creative decisions

Here at Graff.io, we believe in giving you the creative ability and the confidence in our products. Art is a symbol of who you are and therefore it is important to make the right decision when choosing your perfect piece … Continue reading

Maryam Ashkanian and embroidery on handmade pillows

Maryam Ashkanian is an artist like no other! Her method of creation is mind blowing. So, what does she do? Well, her work consists of embroidering individuals deep in sleep on the surface of her handmade pillows using fine cloths … Continue reading

Legacies, heirlooms and how we remember people

As future generations enter the ever growing world, the older generations begin to disappear. But what will future generations see when we look back? It all lies upon what legacies and heirlooms are left to the future generations. This can … Continue reading

Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris opens African Art exhibition

The Fondation Louis Vuitton is a museum dedicated to contemporary art exhibitions. Designed by Frank Gehry, the building opened in Paris in October of 2014. Continuing in its commitment to overlooked areas of the art world, the gallery is opening … Continue reading

Art reflects our personalities, our passions, our past

Everyone has a different way of expressing themselves, whether it be through writing, drawing, music or art. Humans crave a sense of individuality, belonging and security and these things help us to make our mark in the world. Art can … Continue reading

The history of Graff.io: To scratch, draw, write…

Ever wondered where the name ‘Graff.io’ originated? Well, wonder no more! The history of the word Graff.io begins here… Derived from our ancestors, Graffio comes from the word Graffiti. It comes from Italian, where Graffiti was invented. Graffiti is the … Continue reading

Where does our desire to decorate blank walls originate from?

Ever wondered why we spend hours and days decorating a new home and re-decorating when our décor becomes old and outdated? We have an innate desire to want to decorate and make our surroundings individual and unique to us. Desire … Continue reading

Desire to decorate blank walls: the psychology of our surroundings.

The extent to which we, as humans, are affected by our surroundings is not often regarded. We are, however, aware of it, somewhere in our incredibly complex brains. For example, why is it on the Sims that the mood of … Continue reading

Desire to decorate blank walls – Why do we decorate?

Decorating. A thought that doesn’t really cross our minds. An action without thought. But, why do we do it? Psychologists have studied the process of decorating. They recently concluded that decorating shifts through our reasoning, our thoughts, our memory, our … Continue reading

Andy Warhol’s illustrations of ‘The Little Red Hen’

Andy Warhol, an American artist, known to be a leading figure in the visual art movement which has become widely known as Pop Art. His work featured in hundreds of films, exhibitions and books since he began producing it. In … Continue reading