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The release of Droids by Alexander Sturm

The release of Droids by Alexander Sturm

The release of Droids by Alexander Sturm With the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi just around the corner, it feels right to introduce the latest creations from Graff.io HQ – meet Droids! A tribute to the complete saga … Continue reading

Gallery Without Walls – Project Two

Gallery Without Walls - Project Two

Project Two of Gallery Without Walls is here and the launch night was a huge success. Our partnership with Graffwerk has gone from strength to strength as we proudly present all of the work in venues around the city. The … Continue reading

The 2-mile mural of loco-motion

The 2-mile mural of loco-motion

Two miles of wall has been covered with murals by more than 50 different artists. The usually dull train track landscape has been transformed into bright expressions of motion – designed to be viewed from public transport. Frequent visitors… Benzikry, … Continue reading

Andrew Fairclough – an insight into his work.

In his first ever solo exhibition, Andrew Fairclough presents his works of mixed media art. So, who is Andrew Fairclough? Based in Sydney, Andrew is a Australian illustrator, designer and typographer. Since 2004, he has created illustrative imagery for a … Continue reading

A new range of illustrations – Winter is here #114_Thrones

Wow – the excitement surrounding Game of Thrones has reached a new level! Our new episodic range began on the 17th July. This is a completely new challenge for Graff.io as each piece that is released will be in relation … Continue reading

Boy Kong: check out his fascinating designs…

Boy Kong is a muralist and painter. In his work, graffiti and Japanese ukiyo-e woodblock art brush up against each other. He brings Japan’s traditional “pictures of the floating world” into his work. Boy splits his time between New York and his hometown … Continue reading

Portugals’ Gang of Graffitiing Grandparents

Yep, that’s right! Here you will meet Portugals’ Gang of Graffitiing Grandparents who have gone viral! They are a small group of retirees who have become virally known as ‘Graffiti Grandmas’. They are members of an arts education group for … Continue reading

Plywood Skyscrapers illustrated by Vasco Mourao

Plywood Skyscrapers: Artist Vasco Mourao, has begun to illustrate skyscrapers on circular pieces of plywood. The Barcelona based artist Vasco Mourao, otherwise known as Mister Mourao, has created a new series, named Ouroborus. About the artist Mourao, originally from Portugal … Continue reading

Forest of Numbers by Emmanuelle Moureaux

Forest of Numbers By Emmanuelle Moureaux As a celebration of the 10th anniversary of the National Art Center of Tokyo, French architect Emmanuelle Moureaux commissioned a piece in an exhibition space, to show her vision of the decade to come. … Continue reading

Banksy launches The Walled Off Hotel in Bethlehem

Banksy is to open a tourist attraction…. in Bethlehem! The elusive Banksy, a British graffiti artist has opened ‘The Walled Off Hotel’ The artist, who’s identity is still unknown, has opened the hotel which is situated against the Israeli security … Continue reading

21 story mural by Shepard Fairey and D*FACE

A 21 story mural? Yes – you read that right! JUSTKIDS have recently unveiled a 21 story mural by Shepard Fairey and D*FACE in Las Vegas. Due to its location, Plaza Hotel and Casino has been the building of choice for … Continue reading