Robin – Spirit Animals Canvas prints By Tor Anderson

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#119 _Spirit-Aniamls  – Various cultures have believed that we are surrounded by the spirits of animals. Some people believe that different animals have specific traits that can help us through the varied trials that life throws at us. It’s a wonderful thought.

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    All editions are limited to runs of just 500 Prints. Start by selecting the size from the dropdown. Full spec of media can be found below.


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“Canvas prints Robin”

  • Limited Edition of just 500 Canvas Art Prints.

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    #2 A giclee print on cotton canvas in a 380 x 380mm frame.In your choice of art frames, media and protective finish.  Complete with a hand signed & stamped Certificate of Authenticity.  Total framed print size: 380 x 380 mm. £89


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    Detail Shot: 

Detail Shot:

 Canvas prints Spirit Animals Robin

Canvas prints spirit animals


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