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BOYD Editions

Frazier Boyd is an artist with a defining style. His inquisition and obsession with textures and surfaces has led to him looking for exciting and unusual textures that make his work so unique. He tries to work in harmony with the environment and outdoors – great places to find new textures. His work includes a range of animals, in fitting with his environmental theme. The inspirations for his art, particularly his street art are taken from a huge range of backgrounds. A lot of his work is inspired by Japanese Geishas in some ways. Stencil masking, graffiti crews and harsh rusty textures together bring a certain form of brilliance to his pieces. 1960’s fashion – the mop haircuts, beehive hairstyles and the hippie movement all influence Boyd’s work. He loves to experiment and push himself if ways that he hasn’t done before, making him an influential artist.