Banksy – one of the most well-known Graffiti artists in the world – and yet somehow he has managed to keep his identity unknown! This illusive artist, born in Bristol in 1974, rose to fame in circa 1990 with his controversial works. Best known for his pieces of stencilled work, usually in view of the public eye, these works carry underlying meanings laced with dark humour present in the world. Commonly, his work is found on streets, walls, and bridges worldwide, which have been known to cause controversy due to their political and social connotations – often, as they contain edgy and bold themed messages (which no one else would dare to publish).These include war, consumerism, poverty and hypocrisy. Banksy’s work has symbolised a movement from a style of art that was once classed as vandalism, to some of the most talked about and sought after pieces of art in the world. The classic Banksy pieces remain extremely popular in art and home décor.