My Voucher Code doesn’t work!

All Vouchers go live straight away.  If you have tried to redeem and it does not work, please check your voucher and try the following:

#1 Check the expiry date on the voucher  

See the “valid from date” on your voucher, below the code.  If you forget to redeem, we can make an extention if you are a few days out, but not a few weeks or a month unfortunately.

#2 Use the right code

You need to use the “voucher code” – nothing else.

#3 Check your accuracy

if you are copy / pasting the code, please check that there is not a blank space at the end of the voucher.

#4 Don’t Type it in

Typing is less accurate because it is easy to get a 0 confused with an o – they both look the same.  If you have to type it, please copy exactly as it is, in CAPS – no spaces.

#5 Have you used your voucher already?

Finally, have you tried to place an order already? If so, it is most likely that you have raised your order with us already.  You can go to — login and view your order.  If the payment is missing & the order is pending, click PAY and click through to confirm your order.  If your order is listed as processing or confirmed, don’t worry – we have your order and it will be with you in around a week from ordering!

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