MONOKROME: All you need to know about JOKER.

JOKER, born in 1969 and raised in Washington DC. He currently he lives and works in Portland, Oregon. Here, he has raised a family and developed a passion for high-end cycling.

Who is JOKER?

He began graffiti art in 1985. He studied the regional graffiti styles of various cities and incorporated them into his repertoire. Known for his impeccable letter forms and dynamic blends, his work acts as a representation for how graffiti should be.

He first studied design at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh from 1988-1990. After years of moving from city to city, learning about the art form, Jerry settled in San Francisco Bay area. Moreover, he began learning techniques and styles from the Bay Area’s finest. These teachings marked the beginning of the style that Jerry has become so well known for! Furthermore, he became the leader of the Transcend Collective. The group is an “abstract graffiti” crew that became infamous for their experimental, hybrid aesthetic take on graffiti and it’s options for painting styles.


His artwork

As an influential artist, JOKER’S style has evolved from well-executed standard graffiti fare to high-end graphic art. It is heavily influenced by deconstruction architecture. Jerry breaks and reassembles three-dimensional spaces within an elegant framework of smooth lines, soaring arcs and sharp angles.  Tone-on-tone colours and neutrals exist in crisp definition, and because of this, they feature against a background of smooth wood grain on purpose.

Blessed with many commercial assignments, he has created work such as snowboard design for Burton and design work included in the original Nike Presto launch campaign. He also has an ongoing passion for tattoo design, for which his work has featured.

Today, Jerry continues to move in a progressive direction with his mural work while giving way to canvas and wood as his surface for gallery pieces. As a result, his work is shown in places including LA, Chicago, London, Hamburg, Amsterdam, and Tokyo. Working for companies such as Burton and Nike, his work has featured in several magazines and books.

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