An introduction to ordering / how to use your voucher.

  1. Start by visiting
  2. Then select your chosen art.
  3. In the first drop-down box, select “Type”: choose from either an unframed print, a  quad print, 250 x 250mm framed canvas or paper print,  380 x 380 mm framed canvas or paper print, or in some cases your choice of a  380 x 380 mm framed metal print,
  4. Select Lacquer for more UV, scratch and water resistance – or no lacquer.
  5. Once happy, check the price and “Add to Cart”
  6. On the Cart page, you can add a voucher if you have one.
  7. You can also get an upfront estimate of your delivery costs on this page.
  8. Proceed to checkout, fill out address details and “confirm the order”
  9. Fill out your address details, and create an account if required.
  10. Place order when ready.  You can pay with Paypal, or choose “don’t have a paypal account” if they want to pay with card alone
  11. If you have any other issues not mentioned here, just contact us!

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