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Maryam Ashkanian and embroidery on handmade pillows

Maryam Ashkanian is an artist like no other! Her method of creation is mind blowing. So, what does she do? Well, her work consists of embroidering individuals deep in sleep on the surface of her handmade pillows using fine cloths … Continue reading

Animals covered in surreal landscapes by Ellen Jewett.

Ellen Jewett is an artist who creates intricate sculptures of animals covered in embellishments. Born in Markham,Ontario, she completed her honours degree in Anthropology and Fine Art at McMaster University In 2007. She began shaping 3D forms naturally from a … Continue reading

Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris opens African Art exhibition

The Fondation Louis Vuitton is a museum dedicated to contemporary art exhibitions. Designed by Frank Gehry, the building opened in Paris in October of 2014. Continuing in its commitment to overlooked areas of the art world, the gallery is opening … Continue reading

Hand blown glass sculptures in New York’s Botanical Garden

Dale Chihuly is an artist who is best know for his vibrant, hand blown glass sculptures. The Seattle – based artist is making a return to The New York Botanical Garden for his first major exhibition in the city since … Continue reading

Duncan Shotton and the planet pins.

Duncan Shotton is a Tokyo-based designer. He takes a rather unique stance to art. By taking houseware and stationery design objects such as pencils, bookmarks, and mixes it up completely. His latest design is a series of push pins have … Continue reading

Andy Warhol’s illustrations of ‘The Little Red Hen’

Andy Warhol, an American artist, known to be a leading figure in the visual art movement which has become widely known as Pop Art. His work featured in hundreds of films, exhibitions and books since he began producing it. In … Continue reading

Brian Donnelly and his fascinating face-melting portraits

Brian Donnelly, an artist based in Toronto, creates face-melting portraits. His artwork explores the definition of what is classed as art and what is not. He does this by trying to answer the question, “what is the breaking point at … Continue reading

Cabrera and hand-drawn headdresses

Ivette Cabrera is a Nicaraguan-born artist who currently works in Miami. Her pieces of work represent women of various cultures who’s headdresses are a symbol of power and importance. About her work The paradoxical ideas of womanhood compelled Cabrera to … Continue reading

Pichi and Avo – the work of the Spanish street artists

Pichi and Avo are a duo of Spanish street artists who began collaborating in 2007. They are widely recognised for their ability to develop a relationship between art and sculpture. Their artwork brings a blend of surrealism and classic urban … Continue reading

Shepard Fairey and his new artwork ‘Peace and Justice’

Shepard Fairey is a well-known American Street Artist, graphic designer and illustrator. Born in Charleston, he began his art career in 1984. This was when he started to put his drawings on skateboards and T shirts. He is also the … Continue reading

Cult of Dang – and the influences of post-modern animation

Cult of Dang, an illustrative artist with clear intentions and influences of bringing together violence and sexuality. In her work, she creates surreal pop-visuals, captured and recreated from early manga art. She includes influences of post-modern anime. Furthermore, the focus … Continue reading

Kine Andersen – All about the Norwegian artist

Kine Andersen is a Norwegian artist who illustrates a retrospective of angst and oblivion. Who is Kine Andersen? Andersen grew up in the 90’s. Due to this, she absorbed the excessive energy of the epoch of boy bands, neon windbreakers, … Continue reading