#119_Spirit Animals – the brand new range of fascinating designs.

Coming Soon – #119_Spirit Animals

Well, here we are again…introducing a brand new range which we are fascinated with: Spirit Animals contains a series of animals created solely by polygons, producing a completely unique look. So, after browsing the teasers, which, by the way, will be released shortly on social media, we thought we would give you some information about the artist and her range.

#119_Spirit Animals

About the artist

Bringing this new dimension to Graff.io, is Australian artist Tor Anderson. Tor – short for Victoria studied art in Sydney before moving to the UK and taking residence in London. She is a firm believer in spirits and the supernatural which is where the inspirations for her work originate from.

#119_Spirit Animals

What to expect from Spirit Animals

Get your shaman on!

Various cultures believe that we are surrounded by the spirits of animals. Some people believe that different animals have specific traits that can help us through the various trials that life throws at us. It’s a wonderful thought.

The range of Spirit Animals is based around shapes – namely polygons. This is a project in which Tor studied for her art course. In this instance, polygons are just multi-sided, flat shapes, often, just triangles.

She uses a variety of animal species which are known to be ‘Spirit Animals’ in various cultures. The shapes are filled with colour or left as an outline and then overlap, creating varying forms of the animal to give the impression that they inhabit more than one plane of existence.

#119_Spirit Animals

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